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Business infоgraphics
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Corporate in-house workshops "Business infоgraphics"


Data visualization

This workshop is the most helpful at daily jobs of visualising any quantitative data in the most self-explanatory way.

Through the workshop day we discuss how to show numbers - a single digit, a series of data or a large dataset. We pay particular attention to nuances of visual consumption of different types of charts. Part of the workshop is based on real cases of mistakes at chart plotting. We reveal all the essential secrets of creating direct understandable data-based communications.


Part 1. What are infographics?

Introduction to the subject about core elements of perceiving information visually. Base for the whole workshop.

Part 2. Basic rules of visualizing digits

Principles of transforming analytical insights into visuals. Algorithm for daily use. Common mistakes, pitfalls. 

Part 3. Visualization tools 

Individual and group assignments with tools, choice depends on particular requirements. Discussion about results and possible improvements brainstorming.

Part 4. Remaking your data reports

Rework of real reports from the attendees: discussion on possible improvements, assignments aimed at inventing new graphic solutions. 

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Corporate in-house workshops "Business infоgraphics"

Do your managers create lots of reports daily? – are these papers claimed to be hardly understandable?

Does your team need to showcase a project persuasively and graphically? Not sure  where to start?

The boss might be a regular speaker at conferences – is he tired of pronouncing just-the-same bunch of texts from his slides, with everybody not listening to him, only reading from his screen?

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Corporate in-house workshops "Business infоgraphics"

Our workshops are like Lego™ kits

Every new workshop agenda is adjusted to your company with respect to daily needs of participants. We stick to real-life examples during discussions – examples from your colleagues always work best. We will prepare a review, a discussion or an assignment based on them if provided in advance.

This is how we deliver the knowledge that becomes the most practical one. 

Adjusted to
your needs

One day
at your place

8 - 12
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Corporate in-house workshops "Business infоgraphics"
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Corporate in-house workshops "Business infоgraphics"